Tuesday, September 9, 2008

carl's jr commercials

so i took a week off work not too long ago after a hellish july. didn't really have a whole lot planned, just did some work around the house, got the vw listed (if anyone reading this knows of anyone in the market for a beautiful passat, i'm your guy), and took it easy for the most part.

anyway, if you've known me for any length of time, you know that my biggest pet peeve is when people make noises whilst eating. in fact, if mary wants to enjoy a bowl of cereal or popcorn in front of the tv, i will have to leave the room until she's done. anyway, for this reason i have come to loathe carl's jr commercials- you know the ones where they show the guy eating the burger and crap is running down his face and onto his shirt and it sounds like the mic is actually inside his mouth with his food. i'm actually getting a little bugged just thinking about it right now.

so during my little vacation, i was running some errands around town listening to the jim rome show (sports talk radio). jay mohr was guest hosting for rome that day (if you don't know the name, do a quick google image search... you know who he is). he had the most perfect take on carl's jr i have ever heard. click on the youtube over there on the right and give it a once over.

man, i really hate carl's jr.


Cooper Family said...

congratulations on the blog! i love to add new bloggers to my list. welcome to the blog family!

Kristy said...

I with you on the mouth noises. It's like I have special hearing aids on when someone close to me is eating.

Beth said...

I to hate the Carl's Jr. Commercials. Thank goodness for Tivo, no need to watch the commercials. I hate them so bad that I don't even like to see them, when I do I have to speed by.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

Matt Baker said...

Thanks for the ammo!

I am totally open-mouth chewing when I am around you from here on out...

Shouldn't let these kinds of gems out of the bag!

Full exploitation!

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