Friday, September 26, 2008

let the cat die

i can't remember exactly when it was, but maybe a week- 10 days ago i was walking to the trax station to catch the train to work. as i approached the platform, there were two ladies freaking out, pointing down at the tracks. i got closer and saw that there was a cat stuck on one of the railroad ties. as i got to the cat, the warning bell started ringing letting us know the train was coming.

i'm SEVERELY allergic to cats. and i hate them. in fact, i probably would have left the cat right where it was if nobody was around (probably speaks to my true character); but i couldn't just walk by and let those ladies watch that cat get liquified. so when the train was still about 100 yards away, i reached down and pulled the cat up and held it like a football so that it wouldn't run right in front of the train as it passed. i was holding this cat for maybe three seconds when the train came whizzing by. the cat completely freaked out and scratched my hands all to hell. i dropped the cat and it ran off into the darkness. my hands were bleeding and my shirt was completely covered in hair. by the time i got to work about an hour later, i was completely miserable- my hands were swollen and stinging, i couldn't stop sneezing, my eyes and throat were itching like crazy... it was awful. it took me about two days to fully recover.

i really believe i made the wrong decision that morning. had i left the cat on the tracks, the train likely would have killed it. sure, those ladies would've probably needed to consult a grief counselor, and maybe would've suffered some ptsd, but now what's gonna happen? that cat is gonna go make baby cats somewhere that nobody is going to take care of. and how many of those baby cats will get hit by cars, get diseases and scratch your kids... i should have let that cat die.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

five years

five years... it seems like it's been longer. and i mean that in a good way. i don't really remember what single life was like. i can't remember what it was like to get a good night's sleep in a bed by myself. it's been a lot easier than i ever thought it would be too, probably because mary is such a patient and forgiving person.

my best memories of marriage:
  • spur-of-the-moment trip to six-flags instead of going to mary's parents house
  • sleeping on an air-mattress at my mom's house... for six months
  • paris, brussels, new york, minneapolis, san francisco, houston, los angeles, san diego, etc. (we've been spoiled)
  • doorbell-ditching the fat, noisy upstairs neighbor
  • sunday drives
  • dinner "creations"
  • sucking at playing tennis
  • getting fried at the beach
  • sluffing work to play guitar hero and star-wars legos all day

these are just a few of the good times i've had being married. thanks for being such an awesome wife, mary. thanks for being such a great mom. i can't imagine my life without you, sweetie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

carl's jr commercials

so i took a week off work not too long ago after a hellish july. didn't really have a whole lot planned, just did some work around the house, got the vw listed (if anyone reading this knows of anyone in the market for a beautiful passat, i'm your guy), and took it easy for the most part.

anyway, if you've known me for any length of time, you know that my biggest pet peeve is when people make noises whilst eating. in fact, if mary wants to enjoy a bowl of cereal or popcorn in front of the tv, i will have to leave the room until she's done. anyway, for this reason i have come to loathe carl's jr commercials- you know the ones where they show the guy eating the burger and crap is running down his face and onto his shirt and it sounds like the mic is actually inside his mouth with his food. i'm actually getting a little bugged just thinking about it right now.

so during my little vacation, i was running some errands around town listening to the jim rome show (sports talk radio). jay mohr was guest hosting for rome that day (if you don't know the name, do a quick google image search... you know who he is). he had the most perfect take on carl's jr i have ever heard. click on the youtube over there on the right and give it a once over.

man, i really hate carl's jr.

Monday, September 8, 2008

i'm blogging...

after a year or so of hearing various members of relief society and primary presidencies yapping about how cute n awesome each others' blogs were, i was finally able to see first-hand what it was all about when my sister showed me her page. from there i was able to see that my cousin nate had a blog and i realized that it wasn't just for chicks and fun boys (nate has been married for almost 15 years, likes football and has taken the lives of several large animals- his sexual preference is almost beyond dispute).

i'm sure that anyone who has come across my blog already knows who i am, but just in case ... i'm 28 years old. i've been married to my beautiful wife, mary, for five years now (anniversary on saturday- love ya' sweetie!). we have an almost-two-year-old son, calvin. i've worked for skywest airlines for three and a half years.

hopefully i can keep up with the avid bloggers among my family and friends. please leave me some commentary, even if it's brief and vulgar, so i know that i'm not posting in vain.

god speed.

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