Friday, October 31, 2008

the business trip

why i enjoy the business trip:
  • i like people calling me sir when i check into a hotel
  • i like eating in restaurants
  • i like having my company pay for my meals
  • i like being able to break wind in bed with absolutely no repercussions
  • i like having the air conditioning on full blast all through the night
  • i like earning hotel rewards points
  • i like collecting magnets and decks of playing cards from different places
  • i like black-out curtains
  • i like first-class
  • i like going to grocery stores and buying weird cheeses that i'd never buy at home because they're way too expensive
  • i like watching sports over a meal at a bar and chatting up strangers
  • i like leaving the seat up

why i don't like the business trip:

  • i have no idea where that remote has been
  • i don't like hotel shuttles
  • i hate the middle seat in an airplane
  • "how many are in your party?"--"um... just one."
  • the office isn't as funny when you're watching it alone
  • no bed-time family prayers
  • i hate packing my suitcase before i leave
  • i really hate packing my dirty clothes back into the suitcase when i'm getting ready to go back home
  • it's almost impossible to find the right water temperature in a hotel shower
  • it's really embarrassing to call the front desk to have a plunger brought to your room
  • due to the nature of my business, the people i'm meeting are generally happy to see me leave
  • i have never gotten a good night's sleep without mary (awww... sappy, but true)

anybody else travel for business? am i missing anything?

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